Jib Cranes Specialists

Choose Perth based Total Hoists and Cranes for customised lifting solutions including jib cranes for sale with a range of standard formats and capacities, or bespoke options available to suit customer requirements.

We will design and manufacture jib cranes to suit usage requirements, providing the best value for money while ensuring clients gets the equipment they need.

Our dynamic and fully-Australian owned company has a reputation for production of quality engineered robust equipment with high duty classification, designed to perform in the most arduous conditions.

Efficient Materials Handling

Jib cranes are a type of crane in which a horizontal arm (or boom), supporting a moveable hoist, is fixed to a wall or to a floor-mounted pillar.

Jib cranes can be used in a range of industry applications and are considered one of the most effective and cost efficient methods of materials handling. Versatility and ease of operation makes our jib cranes for sale the ideal dedicated materials handling device.

Our partnership with Street, one of the world's volume overhead lifting and hoist manufacturers, allows us to provide customers with complete lifting solutions and customisation or retrofitting of mechanical handling equipment.

Design and Manufacturing Choices

Our jib cranes offer an extensive range of installation options and capacities, with the power to create the best material handling solution for your available space and application.

Choose from pillar or post mounted to wall or column mounted units. All may be fitted with hoists (chain or wire rope) with additional options including electric travel and electric slewing gear. Fixed and monorail solutions may be appropriate for other applications.

Slewing Jib Cranes

Our slewing jib cranes are available in a wide range of standard formats in capacities from 125kg to 6300kg. Larger specially designed options are available on request. The arm may be under or over braced to maximise height of lift or travel. Post-mounted units can be constructed to provide a slewing angle 360°.

Wall Travelling Units

Our single girder wall travelling jib cranes open up the possibility of ultra flexible handling systems. These uniquely designed units travel along the workshop on its own tracks which are supported from the building structure. The design allows one crane to service a number of workstations and to transport materials over the entire length of a factory. Wall travellers are ideal as second level units working under top level overhead units.

Australia-wide Service

Total Hoists and Cranes supplies jib cranes for sale Australia-wide with installation and regular servicing available. Contact us today to find out more or get a quote for custom design and manufacture of bespoke lifting equipment.